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A Really Great Sandwich, Made Really Fast. Such is the mission of Artiserie - to deliver a superb sandwich to our customers at lightning speed. What makes a sandwich superb? Recipes using the finest ingredients and freshly baked bread. At Artiserie, our recipes use only the good stuff- fresh organic greens, antibiotic-free meats, sauces from scratch- and lovely, freshly baked French Baguettes to house them. And to deliver our delicious recipes on freshly baked baguettes at lighting speed we use a unique patented technology - we call it The Flipper. 

The Flipper allows us to “flip” all of the ingredients for each of our delicious recipes into a freshly cut baguette in a nanosecond. You pick your recipe and type of baguette, we take the baguette fresh from the oven, cut it open and flip the ingredients right in, and you’re good to go. No more cold soggy sandwiches from a cold case, no more waiting an eternity for your sandwich to be prepared. At Artiserie, you simply Pick, Flip & Go!


All Natural, Everytime!

We believe ingredients are important. Like, really important. So, from the outset we adopted a strict “All Natural” policy: no Artificial Ingredients, Antibiotics, Hormones, Preservatives, GMO’s, synthetic Nitrates/Nitrites or. Our Spinach, Mesclun, Romaine and Avocados are always Organic, and our Canola and Olive Oil are GMO free. Because your food should not only taste good, it should make you feel good.

Environmentally Thoughtful

Americans throw away 35 billon plastic bottles per year, only 25% of which gets recycled.  In Landfills, plastics take thousands of years to decompose. In the Ocean, plastics breakdown to particles that pose a grave danger to sea life and our ecosystem.  One “patch” of plastic floating in the Pacific is double the size of Texas.

We try to be environmentally thoughtful. No plastic bottles—only paper or compostable packaging. Which means that your salad bowl, rice bowl, coleslaw tub, straw, knife, fork or spoon is 100% compostable. And by thinking of us, you were thoughtful too. Thank you for helping us help the planet.


At Artiserie, We Believe Catering Should Be:

Simple, Seamless and Stress-Free Ordering.
On-Time, Prompt Delivery with a smile.
Beautifully Presented.
Able to accommodate a wide range of Tastes and Diets.
Easy to Distribute amongst Guests.
Easy to Eat.
Most of All, Delicious.

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